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Mr Monkey follows in the footsteps of Inspector Wallander

"TV people have their mysterious reasons, you know"

Mr Monkey on Västra Vallgatan Mr Monkey outisde red brick building on Runnerströms torg

Mr Monkey scampered to Västra Vallgatan. This is where Wallander lives in the Swedish TV series based on the books. There's probably a very good reason for the TV having him living on the other side of town to the books, but Mr Monkey couldn't bring it to mind. A few minutes later, Mr Monkey had a look around Runnerströms torg. Alex Runnerström left Ystad when he was 18, and made a lot of money brewing Swedish beer in New York. It seems he came back to his home town as a benefactor, because they built a square with a sort of a statue to celebrate him. A lot of the action in Firewall takes place in this square.

Västra Vallgatan is 6 on the Wallander route, and Runnerströms torg is 18.

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