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Mr Monkey visits the Nya Elfsborg fortress

"Another big ship off to Travemünde"

Mr Monkey looking at the Stena ferry terminal Mr Monkey admiring the buildings of the Klippans Cultural Reserve

Mr Monkey passed one of the Stena Line terminals, where the Stena Carrier was loading for a journey to Travemünde*. A little later, he passed the Klippans Kulturerreservat. The old Elfsborg fortress used to be here, but it turned into a quarry when the Nya Elfsborg fortress was built. The largest buildings there now are the Carnegie Porter Brewery, and a sugar mill, which have turned into a hotel and an office block.

You can read about the Stena Line vessels and routes at the Stena Line website.

* Or, possibly, unloading after a journey from Travemünde.

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