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Mr Monkey aboard the destroyer Småland

"I don't think this is the most colourful boat ever, you know"

Mr Monkey beside the surface to surface missile launcher Mr Monkey examining the Småland's torpedo equipment

Mr Monkey clambered up a ladder and found himself next to the launcher for the Småland's pair of RB08a surface-to-surface missiles, which were fitted in 1967, thirteen years after the Småland was built. Then he inspected one of the two banks of four 53cm torpedo tubes. These launched wire-guided torpedoes, which were based largely on the Long Lance torpedo system salvaged from a Japanese destroyer that sank outside a Swedish naval base in China at the end of the war. He was rather interested in the little trolleys used to move the torpedoes around the ship from the stores to the tubes. He hadn't seen a ship with a railway on board before.

You can read about the original Long Lance torpedo at the Nihon Kaigun website.

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