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Mr Monkey in the Gothenburg archipelago

"Let's set sail for adventure or something"

Mr Monkey leaving Saltholmen harbour Mr Monkey looking at ferries and boats around Saltholmen

Mr Monkey was delighted to find that Gothenburg had a fully integrated transport system, and that his tram ticket was valid for the ferry too. He let Mr Rik slide the ticket into the machine and press the 'byte' button*, then scampered to find a seat at the back of the boat. A few minutes later, the ferry started off and Mr Monkey waved goodbye to Saltholmen.

You can read, in Swedish, all about the ferry service by visiting the Styrsöbolaget website and following the Södra Skärgården link. Tidtabell gives you their timetables, and Utflyktstips has maps and descriptions of each of the major islands.

* The 'byte' button shows you've made a transfer of some sort, and don't need to use more credit.

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