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Mr Monkey at Steninge Palace

"Well, he seems to be doing it more or less right"

Mr Monkey watching Mr Rik trying to blow glass Mr Monkey watching Mr Rik rolling a glass

Mr Monkey found out that visitors could have a go at glass blowing, so he bounded into action and signed Mr Rik up. Then he waited with Miss Carol* and Ms Katarina as they watched Mr Rik make a glass. This involved rolling a lump of glass on the end of a tube into some coloured ground glass, blowing into the tube to make the glass into a bubble, blowing even harder with the bubble in a mould to make it glass shaped, rolling it around a bit, then wincing while the woman in charge used a big pair of clippers to seperate the glass shapped bit of bubble from the rest. The glass was so hot that, when it was finished, it had to be left to cool for two hours before anyone could touch it safely.

* Miss Carol had control of the camera, which Mr Monkey claims explains the pictures.

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