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Mr Monkey at the Fforde Ffestival

"It's a very colourful vehicle, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at an open top bus from a distance Mr Monkey looking at Thursday Next's Porsche

After breakfast, Mr Monkey and his humans scampered up to the Goddard hotel. As they came up the street, they saw people leaving an open-top bus. This was the first of three bus tours of Swindon being run as part of the Ffestival. Mr Monkey's humans were glad they'd booked for the second tour, and didn't have to get up early. On the way into the hotel, Mr Monkey stopped to admire the rather distinctive paintwork on Thursday Next's Porsche Speedster in the car park. While it's Ms Next's car, apparently Mr Fforde minds it for her, which is nice of him.

You can read about Thursday's car at Jasper Fforde's website.

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