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Mr Monkey at the Fforde Ffestival

"You don't often see an Elvis and a mayor in the same place"

Mr Monkey watching Elvis reciting The Raven Mr Monkey watching Jasper Fforde with the Mayor of Swindon

In the afternoon Mr Monkey returned to the Goddard Arms. First he saw the Literary Karaoke, in which a number of people, including a female Elvis, read extracts from great literature (The Raven and Winnie the Pooh, mostly) in a competitive way. Unhelpfully, the judging panel only seemed to have one number to hold up when scoring, which made for a rather consistent set of scores. There were some winners, though. Then the Mayor of Swindon came and thanked Mr Fforde for putting Swindon into his books.

You can read about the mayor of Swindon at the Swindon Council website.

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