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Mr Monkey at the Imperial War Museum

"I wouldn't want these pointing at my house"

Mr Monkey outside the Imperial War Museum Mr Monkey examining the naval guns outside the museum

Before going into the museum, Mr Monkey inspected the 54 foot long 15-inch naval guns standing outside. These were the biggest guns mounted on British battleships, and could shoot a shell weighing 1938lbs up to 16¼ miles. One was originally mounted on HMS Ramillies, used in 1920 and twice in 1940, then removed in 1941. The other was orginally on HMS Resolution, fired at Turkey in 1920, and was later mounted on HMS Roberts and used to bombard a battery east of Sword Beach on D-Day, and other bits of Europe later in 1944. Mr Monkey wondered what the people in the houses opposite thought of the guns.

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