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Mr Monkey at the Imperial War Museum

"You get a good view from here"

Mr Monkey looking down on the T34 Mr Monkey looking down on the Camel 2F1

Mr Monkey scampered up another level, and he had quite a good view of the tops of things. He was a little surprised to see all the white stripes on top of the T34. He supposed they were for air recognition. Then Mr Monkey went to look at the RNAS Camel 2F1 N6812. On August 11th 1918 Canadian pilot Lt. S.D. Culley took off in this plane, which unusually has two Lewis guns on the upper wing, from a lighter towed by HMS Redoubt, took an hour to climb to 18,000 feet, shot down the last Zeppelin to be shot down in the Great War, then landed in the sea. In 1919 Culley flew a range of Camel 2F1s from HMS Vindictive, dropping bombs on Bolsheviks as part of a British attempt to reverse the Russian Revolution.

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