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Mr Monkey visits Clifton Suspension Bridge

"They could make walking across a little jollier, you know"

Mr Monkey walking across the Clifton Suspension bridge Mr Monkey looking back at the bridge and Observatory Hill

Mr Monkey scampered across the the bridge by one of the pedestrian walkways. Pedestrians can cross free, because they've decided it's not worth charging any more. The bridge is 31 feet wide, and it's 20 feet between the centres of the chains, so the walkways are no more than 5 feet wide. They felt a little narrower, probably because of the wires curving in above Mr Monkey's head. Mr Monkey thinks that these wires are to prevent people jumping off the bridge. Not everyone would be as lucky as the Victorian woman who was saved by her crinolines when she jumped. Looking back, Mr Monkey noticed there was a tower above the cliffs he'd started from, and decided he'd investigate later.

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