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Mr Monkey aboard the S.S. Great Britain

"There's a lot to see here"

Mr Monkey beside a mast of the Great Britain in the museum Mr Monkey looking at the screw raising gear in the museum

Mr Monkey left the dry dock and went into the dockside museum. He went through a reverse history of the ship, from being used as coal store in the Falklands, losing its engine and passenger cabins to serve as a sailing freighter in the 1880s, having steerage accomodation put in for taking immigrants to Australia in the 1850s, and being built as a state of the art ocean liner in 1843. As well as looking at the displays, Mr Monkey helped Mr Rik use the ships wheel to set a video of the S.S. Great Britain on a westerly course, studied one of the original masts, spun some handles to disconnect the screw from the drive shaft and raise it to use sail power (and spun them the other way to switch to steam power), and stamped his ticket at all four time gates.

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