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Mr Monkey at Bristol Museum

"They're fishy monsters, they are"

Mr Monkey with a fibreglass Sea Dragon Mr Monkey with a Grendelius

Mr Monkey went to look at the museum's collection of extinct aquatic reptiles. He examined a fibreglass replica of a Plesiosaurus hawkinsi found by Thomas Hawkins in Street, Somerset, in the early 19th century. The real fossil is in the Natural History Museum in London. Then he studied a fossilised Ichthyosaur grendelius, a Meszoic beast named after the monster Beowulf wrestled. It's been left partially excavated, to show that you don't find these things neatly laid out to be dug up. After he'd looked at the picture of what the thing might have looked like alive, Mr Monkey scampered off to the station to catch his train home.

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