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Mr Monkey visits Miffy at the Manchester Art Gallery

"Let's find out all about Miffy"

Mr Monkey walking into the Miffy birthday exhibition Mr Monkey with a display showing Dick Bruna drawing Miffy

Scurrying into the exhibition space, Mr Monkey found that someone had set up a sort of house for Miffy, and put some things inside it, and some things outside it. He carefully studied a set of pictures showing how Dick Bruna goes about drawing a picture of Miffy. He was surprised to find out that Bruna cuts out paper shapes to make the pictures that get sent to the printers. Dick Bruna has been drawing Miffy - who is only called Miffy in English - since 1955.

You can read about the fiftieth anniversary of Miffy at the Guardian Books Unlimited website, and all about Miffy at the official Dick Bruna website.

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