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Mr Monkey in Ghent, September 17th

"Well, why else would they leave chalk lying around?"

Mr Monkey in Bart Stolle's Low Fixed Media Show/Continuüm Mr Monkey in the blackboard hut

To go into a special room to see Bart Stolle's Low Fixed Media Show/Continuüm Mr Monkey's humans had to put on little plastic overshoes. There weren't any in Mr Monkey's size so as he watched Mr Stolle's animated stick figures he risked leaving paw prints on their nice white carpet. Later he found himself in a large box made of blackboards. There was some chalk, and it looked like other people had drawn on the walls, so he did too. Then he scampered off to catch a tram back into town.

You can read about Bart Stolle at the Bart Stolle website.

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