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Mr Monkey sees Negotiable Values at the CAC, 21st January

"I'm sure the paint isn't actually wet, but it looks it"

Mr Monkey looking at Conqueror (red) by Gordon Cheung Mr Monkey looking at Dragon Dance by Gordon Cheung

Mr Monkey found that the extra room was a little booth where he could see Conqueror (red) by Gordon Cheung. This is one of a series of four conquerors, each based on a cast of a Longhorn bull skull. Beside the skull two of the four videos from the Four Riders were playing. In the main gallery Mr Monkey found Mr Cheung's Dragon Dance and was intrigued by the mystery figures beside the dancing dragon. As always, Mr Monkey was torn between a desire to touch the painting and a fear of getting paint on his paws.

You can read about Gordon Cheung's work at the Gordon Cheung website.

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