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Mr Monkey sees A Horse walked into a Bar at the Castlefield Gallery, 25th June

Mr Monkey approaching the Castlefield Gallery When he was at the opening of the Liberation exhibition at the Chinese Arts Centre, Mr Monkey found out that the Castlefield Gallery had an exhibition called A Horse walks into a Bar which strongly featured animals. Mr Monkey thought he should pop along and have a look, so he did.

The exhibition features work by Corey Arnold, Richard Billingham, Andrew Bracey, Lorraine Burrell, Maddi Nicholson, Dan Staincliffe, Chiz Turnross, UHC and Mark Wallinger.

Mr Monkey found that he couldn't get good photos of the photographs by Corey Arnold and Mark Wallinger, the videos by Richard Billingham and Lorriane Burrell, or the tattoo and book project of UHC, even though they were interesting.

Mr Monkey looking at Untitled by Chiz Turnross Mr Monkey didn't know it until he was inside the gallery but he saw the first exhibit from the outside. Chiz Turnross has painted the windows with white emulsion then scraped off the bits that didn't look like animals.

Mr Monkey wasn't always sure what sort of animals they were and decided it was a bit like seeing images in clouds or flames.

He did find out that the view is much better if you go downstairs and look up at the windows.
Mr Monkey looking at Where? by Andrew Bracey Mr Monkey looking at Dance by Andrew Bracey Mr Monkey had a little trouble finding some of Andrew Bracey's work. Where? is a door stop with an empty gorillas enclosure painted on the end. It's described as a "Roving Sculpture", but Mr Monkey suspects it gets moved around by the gallery staff. When Mr Monkey tracked it down it was holding a store room door shut.

Dance is more stationary, though the picture in it is quite small. Luckily the piece includes a magnifying glass to enable people to view the tiny, tiny monkey on the small piece of card held in the jaws of the device. Mr Monkey was glad to see monkeys getting the artistic recognition they deserve.
Mr Monkey looking at Penthouse Apartments by Maddi Nicholson Mr Monkey looking at two of Maddi Nicholson's Penthouse Apartments Mr Monkey was most impressed by Penthouse apartments available for rent, good views interesting neighbours by Maddi Nicholson. These birdboxes occupy the whole of one wall, and each one has a strange figure or two, generally with the wrong head, standing on top of it. Mr Monkey thought it was a bit like a block of flats designed by Hieronymus Bosch after he'd been playing with an old set of Action Man parts and a box of novelty key rings.

Maddi Nicholson is also exhibiting All things that begin must come to an end, which involves a very large birdbox and a giant chicken leg which inflates and deflates.
Mr Monkey looking at Fauna Automata (Machines 1 - 3) by Dan Staincliffe Mr Monkey looking up a tree to see Fauna Automata (Machine 4) by Dan Staincliffe Mr Monkey had to look at Dan Staincliffe's Fauna Automata series quite carefully to see exactly what they were, but once he got past the camouflage he realised that Mr Staincliffe had devised a way of taking pictures of wildlife by using mousetraps to set off disposable cameras. As well as the machines some of the resulting photographs of wildlife are on display.

When he left the gallery, Mr Monkey spotted another camera trap in a tree. He considered trying to trigger the camera but for some reason Mr Rik refused to climb (or fall out of) the tree and anyway Mr Monkey doesn't really trust mousetraps, even if they are being used for peace.
A Horse walks into a Bar is on display in the Castlefield Gallery until August 8th.
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