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Mr Monkey sees I'm Electric, You're Electric at the MCDC, 9th March

Mr Monkey looking at Burnt Out by Richard William Wheater Mr Monkey looking at iEye by Richard William Wheater After seeing Human Error Mr Monkey scampered around a corner or two to see I'm Electric, You're Electric, the latest exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

This is a collection of pieces by Richard William Wheater, who designs and makes neon art. Apparently most artists working with neon get someone else to make the actual glass tubing.

Mr Monkey examined the five iEye variants and the smaller, more intricate Burnt Out, taking care not to get to close to the dangerous electricity. Mr Monkey thought the iEye series looked a little bit too much like industrial components and really preferred the detail of Burnt Out.

When he'd had his fill of neon, Mr Monkey trotted along to Portland Street to see OSA/MERZEN at the CUBE.

I'm Electric, You're Electric runs until April 30th 2011.

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