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Mr Monkey sees Intrinsic at the CAC, 26th May

Mr Monkey looking around Intrinsic by Angie Atmadjaja
Mr Monkey studying the pattern made on the floor by a light tube
Mr Monkey examining the light tubes of Intrinsic by Angie Atmadjaja Mr Monkey scampered into the Northern Quarter to see Intrinsic, the latest exhibition at the Chinese Arts Centre.

For Intrinsic Angie Atmadjaja - born in Indonesia and currently based between Manchester and York - has suspended a number of plastic tubes, each containing a light source, from the ceiling of the CAC's gallery space and has switched the main lights off. A powerful amplifier is positioned in one corner, sending a series of different tones through the room. The tones are apparently sine-waves of different pitches. As the sounds change, the lights change too.

Mr Monkey scurried around the room, looking at the light tubes and the patterns they made on the floor. He decided he prefered them when they were either on or off, and not flickering wildly. He had got the idea from somewhere that movement around the gallery would affect the light tubes (presumably by interfering with the sound waves) but if his scampering made any difference it was too subtle for him to spot.

After he'd scampered around Intrinsic Mr Monkey went and had a look at Civil Diplomacy, Xinyi Lui's First Step exhibition.

Intrinsic includes some strobe light effects, and runs until June 11th 2011.

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