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Mr Monkey sees Civil Diplomacy at the CAC, 26th May

Mr Monkey looking at Civil Diplomacy by Xinyi Liu Mr Monkey looking at Civil Diplomacy by Xinyi Liu After seeing Intrinsic Mr Monkey trotted to the staircase of the Chinese Arts Centre to see the current First Step display.

Xinyi Liu, a graduate of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and of Goldsmiths, has filled the First Steps space with a collection of exercise grips. Each has been painted with the flags of two 'power nations'. The flags are displayed alphabetically but the grips require different strengths to close, and visitors are invited to test the political tension between nations by physically bringing them together with a single hand.

Mr Monkey would have tried squeezing the grips himself - really, he would - only he hadn't got the paws for it so he made Mr Rik have a go at squishing countries together for him.

When Mr Rik had exhausted himself uniting the UK and France, Mr Monkey trotted along to the MCDC to see The Walking Dead.

Civil Diplomacy runs until September 17th 2011.

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