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Mr Monkey sees The Walking Dead at the MCDC, 26th May

Mr Monkey looking at Work and Fish by Claire Knox-Bentham
Mr Monkey looking at Work by Claire Knox-Bentham
Mr Monkey looking at Flowers by Claire Knox-Bentham
Mr Monkey looking down on Claire Knox-Bentham's The Walking Dead exhibition
After seeing Intrinsic at the CAC, Mr Monkey scampered along to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre to see The Walking Dead, an exhibition of work by Claire Knox-Bentham.

Claire Knox-Bentham uses an industrial extrusion tool to heat Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate to the point that it can be used as a medium for drawing. The plastic then flows through a nozzle onto a surface it can solidify on. The plastic has to be extruded in a continuous line, so Claire's works are the equivalent of drawing without taking the pen off the paper until the picture is is finished.

The majority of the works on display were inspired by the Mexican festival of the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and each is a plastic net depicting an aspect of a person's life, such as their work or love of flowers or fish, surrounded by a liberal selection of friendly skulls.

There are also a few smaller pieces and large necklaces on display.

Mr Monkey was impressed by the detail in the work, though he did think he'd walked into a display of colourful fishing nets at first.

While he was looking at The Walking Dead Mr Monkey couldn't help but see Wood For The Trees as well.
The Walking Dead runs until 27th August 2011.
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