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Mr Monkey sees Structure at the CAC, 5th July

After visiting the exhibition by Hilary Jack at the Castlefield Gallery, Mr Monkey scampered into the Northern Quarter to see Structure at the Chinese Arts Centre.
Mr Monkey listening to an odd sound in Structure by Angie Atmadjaja Mr Monkey walking the central circle of Structure by Angie Atmadjaja Structure is the second of Angie Atmadjaja's sound installations, replacing the earlier Intrinsic.

For Structure the CAC's gallery space has been fitted with rather a lot of speakers. The larger units stand on the floor, while smaller speakers hang at different heights from the ceiling. Coloured duct tape marks three paths through the room for men, women and children (assuming they are of average floor-to-ear height). The speakers produce sounds of differing pitches, creating a landscape of abstract noise for visitors to wander around in.

Being a bit below the average ear-to-floor height for any sort of human Mr Monkey hitched a lift on Mr Rik's shoulder to wander around the installation. Sometimes the sounds were loud, and sometimes they weren't, and occassionally there was almost silence. Mr Monkey found that he could change the sound he heard by making Mr Rik move faster or slower, which was interesting. Overall, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, though it was a little mystifying at times, and some of the noises made him feel odd inside.

Structure runs until July 23rd 2011.

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