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Mr Monkey sees Anti Sculptures at the MCDC, 22nd March

Mr Monkey looking at Anti Sculptures with the fans off Mr Monkey looking at Anti Sculptures with the fans on After seeing Chen Man's solo exhibition and Err at the CAC, Mr Monkey scampered along to the MCDC to see Anti Sculptures by Laura Jane Blake, an artist who uses textiles to draw attention to moments of movement from industrial and natural landscapes.

Laura Jane Blake created Anti Sculptures after being inspired by the sight of industrial sacks on a Mancunian building site inflating and deflating with the wind.

She re-constructed the sacks' form and behaviour with hand-dyed poly-cotton and chiffon, industrial construction techniques, and a set of domestic fans. The fans are programmed to start and stop at different times, inflating and deflating the different sacks. The fans are, of course, more reliable that the wind blowing around a building site. The whole installation is quite hypnotic to watch.

Anti Sculptures is on display until April 21st 2012.

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