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Mr Monkey sees A Pocket of Joy at the Royal Exchange Mezzanine, 16th April

Mr Monkey looking at The Storm 2 by Susan Aggarwal
Mr Monkey looking at Summer Blossoms by Susan Aggarwal
Before sitting down to see Miss Julie, Mr Monkey trotted upstairs to the Royal Exchange Mezzanine to see A Pocket of Joy.

A Pocket of Joy is an exhibition of paintings by Susan Aggarwal, who had a show of abstracts, A Beautiful Moment, at the Exchange in 2011. The paintings in the current exhibition are all seascapes and flower stuides, all in Susan's exuberant and colourful style.

Mr Monkey found the pictures very bright and striking, and was particularly interested in how textured the canvases were. He decided he preferred the seascapes to the flower pictures, mainly because he's the sort of monkey who prefers looking at the sea to looking at flowers.

A Pocket of Joy runs until May 13th 2012.

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