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Mr Monkey's Roman Legionary Helmet

"I came, I saw, I nibbled a banana"

Mr Monkey wearing his Roman helmet and crest outside a gateway Mr Monkey in his uncrested Roman helmet, ready to throw his pilum

Whenever Mr Monkey discovers that he's needed to patrol the borders of the 1st century Roman Empire he dons his Imperial Gallic helmet*. He fits his scarlet crest into the socket on the helmet whenever he's on parade, or trying to look extra impressive. Most of the time he doesn't bother with crest. He always makes sure he's got his scutum to hide behind and his pilum in case he needs to throw something sharp at a local.

* Unfortunately, we're not sure exactly what sort of Imperial Gallic helmet it is.

Source :
Mr Monkey's Roman Imperial legionary's helmet is part of a Kinder Surprise egg with card additions, covered in kitchen foil.
Extra fittings are gold card or card and foil, and the cheekguards are lined with felt, held on with wire and secured with leather laces.
The crest is made from felt (because there wasn't any horsehair in the house) in a thick card holder, held on with copper wire.
His scutum is a section of cardboard tube The shield boss is light card covered in tin foil, and the wings and lightning bolts are gold painted paper.
His pilum is made from dowel, balsa wood, a length of thick wire from a broken mechanical Christmas tree, and some silver card.

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