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 Mr Monkey's Robin Hood hat

"Monkey Hood, Monkey Hood, riding through the glen"

Mr Monkey preparing to blow his horn Mr Monkey carrying his longbow

On occasion, Mr Monkey decides it'd be a good idea to steal from the rich and give to the poor. When this happens he dons his feathered Robin Hood hat, picks up his mighty longbow, and summons his merry men with a blast on his hunting horn. Then he searches Sherwood Forest for a glen to ride through.

There's a fine urban legend about the the theme tune to 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' TV series.

Obviously, medieval English longbowmen didn't have quivers over their shoulders like this. But Errol Flynn did. On the other hand, Errol Flynn wore a boring brown hat all the way through The Adventures of Robin Hood, which goes to show something or other.

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Mr Monkey's Robin Hood hat is felt, with bit of a feather for decoration
His longbow is plastic card with a wire core and unravelled string to form the bow string. Slightly alarmingly, the bow can actually shoot the arrows, which are cocktail sticks with feathers and foil points.
Mr Monkey's quiver is made from canvas and faux leather from a decayed rucksack.
His hunting horn is made from Omyacolor Plastiroc modelling compound, painted and varnished, with fittings of copper and faux leather.

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