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Mr Monkey's Broken Pictures

One of Mr Monkey's favourite occupations is finding pictures that have been broken and overseeing Mr Rik as he repairs them. Strangely, there's always one missing piece and Mr Monkey finds it, just in time.

Follow the links on the pictures below to bring up an online jigsaw.

Mr Monkey's broken pictures are accessed via
The shape of the pieces cannot be changed, but the number of pieces may be adjusted via the little grid on the panel that appears when the jigsaw appears.
You can make the pieces rotatable by clicking the circling arrow on the start panel.
You cannot start solving the puzzle until you click the OK button.
If you have made the pieces rotatable they may be rotated by using the mouse wheel; on touch screen devices, tap on a piece to select it, then again to turn it.
If you leave the page with a puzzle uncompleted, your progress will be saved, ready for you to finish it later.
To replay a completed jigsaw, or to restart with different settings, click on the three line in the top left corner, and select Modify this puzzle.

If there are any pictures on the site that you think should be jigsaws, but aren't, email us and we'll see what we can do.

Mr Cat talking to Ms Katatina's cats in Chiswick Mr Cat in Chiswick Mr Monkey examining a replica water pump in Soho Broadwick Street pump,
Soho, London
Mr Monkey looking up at the South Bank Lion on Westminster Bridge South Bank Lion,
Mr Monkey inspecting Life Guards outside Horse Guards Parade Life Guards outside
Horse Guards
Mr Monkey looking at a Routemaster bus on the Strand Routemaster bus, The Strand, London Mr Monkey looking for fictional detectives on Great Scotland Yard Great Scotland Yard,
Mr Monkey relaxing in his deckchair on the beach at Seahouses On the beach,
Mr Cat sitting on a bottle of water to see out of a train Mr Cat on a train Mr Monkey as a vampire on the Bram Stoker bench in Whitby Mr Monkey the vampire,
Mr Cat peering into Whitby's fish market at night Mr Cat inspecting fish,
Outside Bessie Surtee's House, Newcastle Bessie Surtee's House, Newcastle Illuminated railway arches, Newcastle Illuminated railway arches, Newcastle
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