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One of Mr Monkey's favourite occupations is finding pictures that have been broken and overseeing Mr Rik and Miss Carol as they repair them. Strangely, there's always one missing piece and Mr Monkey finds it, just in time.

Follow the links on the pictures below to bring up an online jigsaw. These puzzles are hosted at, and may take a little time to appear. If you don't like the shapes, or the number of pieces, use the panel down the left side to change them.

If there are any pictures on the site that you think should be jigsaws, but aren't, email us at and we'll see what we can do.

North Pier, Blackpool Walk of Faith, Blackpool Gravensteen, Ghent Crystal Palace Park Flak28, Ostende Fishing boat, Ostende Steam train, York Secret tunnel, Knaresborough Chester Little Black Dresses Jigsaw Pork pie hat Clifton Suspension Bridge Banana boxes Embankment, Tate Modern Natural History Museum Stockholm Göteborg Malmö Thursday Next's Porsche Under a locomotive Punk concert Inchcolm Abbey Lion Mound at Waterloo Anne Hathaway's Cottage Cutty Sark Staten Island Ferry Empire State Building The Gates Roosevelt Island Liberty Island Brooklyn Bridge Fire Engine Manchester Wheel Carousel Kirkaldy Testing Machine Wellington Monument Tavistock Square Manchester 24 Ward's Island Niagara Falls 2 Niagara Falls 1 Fairmont Royal York CN Tower Toronto helicopter Apartment block Manchester Town Hall Hampton Court City of London Quarry Bank Mill Cow Parade - Rainbow Cow Parade - Lowry Cow Parade - Precious Cow Parade - Maverick Cow Parade - Plastikit Cow Cow Parade - Moo Dunnit Ripon Cathedral Urbis White Tower Aberystwyth Gasholder Lancaster Hendon Firepower Woolwich Buxton I D Card Stetson Pirate hat Biddulph Grange Garden Little Moreton Hall Victoria and Albert Blists Hill Hawstead Panels Golden Dragon High Level Bridge Tynemouth Priory Weather Project, Tate Modern Mancunian Christmas River Liffey Derelict factory, Tweedmouth Penshaw Monument Angel of the North Stone circle 1832 locomotive Dragon Rapide South Shields Sculpture Chatsworth Cascade Whitby Abbey Robin Hood's Bay Bridgewater Canal College of Heralds Hungerford foot bridge Driving in the snow Sir John Soanes house Lincoln's Inn Fields London's Transport Thames at Sundown Tivoli Gardens Inside the British Library Outside the British Library Scheveningen Pier Brougham Castle Fez Edinburgh Flying Trilby Souwester Nightcap

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