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Mr Monkey visits the Florence Nightingale Museum, January 7th

"She was certainly more than just a lady with a lamp"

Mr Monkey looking at a model of Scutari nurse and a life size photo of Florence Nightingale Mr Monkey looking at a map of Miss Nightingale's worldwide influence

Round a corner Mr Monkey found a life size picture of Florence Nightingale turning her back on a model of a nurse. Mr Monkey was intrigued by the nurse's sash which had Scutari hospital in big letters. Next, Mr Monkey looked at the displays about Miss Nightingale's work in public health after the Crimean war, which included writing numerous books, pamphlets and reports, becoming the first female Fellow of the Statistical Society and establishing a training school for nurses at St Thomas' Hospital. Mr Monkey studied a map showing the worldwide influence of Florence Nightingale.

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