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Mr Monkey sees Collective Identity at the Chinese Arts Centre, 17th January

"That's a very long title for one painting"

Mr Monkey looking at Tide Mr Monkey looking at Two Classes

Mr Monkey looked at Miao Xiaochun's photo of individuals lost in crowds and traffic, Chao (Tide), then looked at a painting in the Two Classes series by Lui Dahong. This one, fully called Two Classes - the Red Revolutionary Committee and the Five Black Categories illustrates the categorisation of people into good and bad groups during the Cultural Revolution. And when Mr Monkey had done that, he ran out into the street and scampered down to Urbis to see the Arrivals and Departures exhibition being launched.

You can read about Liu Dahong at the hanart TZ gallery website (follow the Artists then Liu Dahong links), and about Miao Xiaochun at the Gallerie Urs Meile website.

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