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Mr Monkey at the Museum of History and Industry, 29th January

"Salmon fishing was a very important part of the Seattle economy, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at a life size fishing smack Mr Monkey examining an Iron Chink machine

Fleeing the great fire of Seattle, Mr Monkey went to inspect displays about the salmon fisheries of the Pacific Northwest. He scurried around a slightly landlocked fishing boat, and inspected a fish butchering machine. This was invented by a Canadian, Mr Edmund Augustine Smith, and was originally called the Iron Chink as it was intended to replace Chinese cannery workers at a time when they were considered to be the best workers* and both the US and Canadian governments were restricting Asian immigration.

You can read about the Smith Butcher Machine at the Gold Seal Salmon website.

* or were the only people able to cope with the rather dire conditions in the canneries.

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