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Mr Monkey visits HMS Belfast, 16th March

"There're quite a lot of guns on this ship, you know"

Mr Monkey looking across the boat deck to the 4-inch guns from the bridge Mr Monkey looking at 40mm Bofors mounting

Outside the Admiral's Bridge, Mr Monkey could see the Belfast's other gunnery positions. Towards the stern he could look down on two of the four Twin 4-inch HA/LA Mark XIX Mountings. The mainmast is covered in scaffolding because it's started to decay and needs to be held up while they arrange for a replacement. On the bridge he examined four 40mm Twin Bofors Mark V Mountings. Each of these turrets weighs seven tons and could be trained by hand. There's something called a close range blind fire director in the little tower between the pairs of turrets to control the Bofors guns, but Mr Monkey couldn't get in to see it.

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