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Mr Monkey in Brussels, 25th May

"That's a very large picture"

Mr Monkey outside the Musée Wiertz Mr Monkey in the main hall of the Musee Wiertz

Mr Monkey scampered down the Rue Vautier again, and went into the Musée Wiertz. Antoine Wiertz was a painter who felt that his genius wasn't sufficiently recognized but managed to persuade the Belgian government to build him a studio that could be used as a museum to display all his paintings after he died. The studio had to be rather large, as Wiertz quite liked big paintings; La Révolte des Enfers contre le Ciel (Hell's Revolt Against Heaven)* is 11.53 metres high and 7.93 wide, and some of the other paintings aren't much smaller.

* Also known as La Chute des Anges rebelles (The Fall of the Rebel Angels).

You can read about the Musée Wiertz at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium website.

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