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Mr Monkey in Brussels, 25th May

"They're mostly well painted, but he doesn't do jolly very well"

Mr Monkey looking at a self portrait of Wiertz Mr Monkey looking at the Premature Burial

Mr Monkey scampered through the other rooms of the Musée Wiertz, marvelling at Wiertz's rather morbid taste in subject matter. He studied paintings such as Pensées et visions d'une tête coupé (Thoughts and Visions of a Severed Head), Faim, folie et crime (Hunger, Madness, and Crime), Le Suicide (The Suicide) and L'Inhumation précipitée (The Hasty Burial). Mr Monkey tried to avoid judging Wiertz, because according to Wiertz "it takes at least two centuries to judge a painter" so no-one's really allowed to comment on his genius (or otherwise) until 2065, but at the moment Mr Monkey isn't convinced that Wiertz was a genius.

You can see more of Wiertz's art and read about him at the Boston College Digital Archive of Art website.

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