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Mr Monkey visits Mini-Europe, 28th May

"It's a nice story, though"

Mr Monkey looking at the temple of Mnajdra on Malta Mr Monkey looking at the leaning tower of Pisa

Mr Monkey was surprised to find that the oldest stone temples in the world - built around 3,400 BC - were on the island of Malta. After he'd looked at the temple of Mnajdra, Mr Monkey scurried into Italy. When he looked at the campanile (or leaning tower) of Pisa he noticed a 1/25th scale Galileo dropping things off the tower to show that they fell at the same speed. Sadly it seems that in real life Galileo didn't actually drop things off the tower, though he did roll things down slopes.

You can have a go with some of the experiments Galileo actually did at the Nova Online website.

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