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Mr Monkey sees the Pivotal Decade at the CAC, 29th June

"There's an awful lot of small pictures making up that one big one"

Mr Monkey looking at 'Conversion of Monkey King' Mr Monkey looking at Chow Chun-Fai's paintings

Chow Chun-Fai makes photographs about paintings and paintings about film. The Conversion of Monkey King is based on Caravaggio's Conversion of Saint Paul, but shows the monster* Monkey King deciding to become a better creature after meeting the monk Tripitaka. The picture is made up of hundreds of small photos pinned to the wall, which rather reminded Mr Monkey of the lamellar armour worn by the terracotta armies. The other works by Chow Chun-Fai are paintings of scenes from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which emphasise the oddities of subtitles in multi-lingual Hong Kong.

You can read about Chow Chun-Fai at the Chow Chun-Fai Atworks website and see the Caravaggio at the Web Gallery of Art website.

* Mr Monkey was a little annoyed about a monkey being described as a monster, until he went to Monkey: Journey to the West and saw how impolite the Monkey King was before being kept under Five-Finger Mountain for 500 years.

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