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Mr Monkey in Harrogate, 19th July

"So everyone lived happily ever after, even Mr Thackwray"

Mr Monkey looking at the Royal Pump Room Mr Monkey looking at a plaque on the wall of the Crown

Mr Monkey decided it was time to go and collect his tickets for the crime writing festival. As he scampered between the Royal Pump Room and the Crown Hotel he noticed a plaque. Reading it he found out that Joseph Thackwray, owner of the Crown Hotel in 1835, tried to steal all the spa water by digging a new well. He'd have got away with it if it hadn't been for the owner of the Swan Hotel, Jonathon Shutt, interfering in his scheme. The public outcry led to Thackwray's prosecution for attempted water diversion (he got off on a technicality), and the formation a mere six years later of a board of improvement commissioners to protect and improve Harrogate.

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