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Mr Monkey follows the Siege of Ostende historic walk, 14th September

"Ostende was very small then, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the Wapenplein Mr Monkey looking at the Elephant Apothecary

Mr Monkey trotted along to the Wapenplein, where he couldn't find the display board about The New Troy. When the Spanish changed their plans and started attacking from the south, the defenders were forced to give ground and had build new defences within the town. In 1604 the Wapenplein was known as the New Troy and marked the south west corner of Flemish territory. Heading towards the next point of the tour Mr Monkey admired the Pharmacie a l'Elephant, even though it had nothing to do with the siege.

You can see a map of Ostende at this point of the siege at the University of Leiden Library website.

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