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Mr Monkey in Bruges, 16th September

"I bet they've had an outdoor concert or something"

Mr Monkey looking at the Stadhuis of Bruges Mr Monkey looking at the Deanery across the Burg

Mr Monkey came out of Blinde Ezelstraat into the Burg. The Burg is named after a castle, built here by Baldwin Iron Arm, which no longer exists. Mr Monkey admired the Stadhuis built between 1376 and 1420, making it one of the oldest surviving town halls in Belgium. The statues are 1989 replacements for early 20th century sandstone replacements for medieval originals destroyed by the French in the 1790s. Mr Monkey looked across the Burg towards the Proosdij (Deanery), built in 1666 as the palace of the bishops of Bruges, and wondered why the square was full of temporary seating.

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