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Mr Monkey visits Seafront Zeebrugge, 17th September

"I bet they'd have had a port earlier if they hadn't argued so much"

Mr Monkey looking at a map showing the Bruges plan Mr Monkey looking at a case of pamphlets and maps

Mr Monkey went into the second hall, which was all about the history of Zeebrugge. Mr Monkey had thought that Zeebrugge had always been there. He found out that, in fact, it wasn't until the late nineteenth century that the Baron August de Maere suggested a new national port with a link between Bruges and the sea, to revive Bruges' economy. As soon as he'd suggested Bruges as the new port, people from Ostende, Blankenberge and Nieuwpoort decided that their towns would be much better sites. Mr Monkey studied the proposals and counter proposals about the best site for the port, and wondered which idea would win.

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