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Mr Monkey visits Seafront Zeebrugge, 17th September

"I didn't know there were that many ways of luring fish from the sea"

Mr Monkey looking at models of fishing techniques Mr Monkey looking at photos in a replica of the first fish-mine

Next Mr Monkey learned about the Zeebrugge fishing fleet, which was originally based in Heist but started using the new port in Zeebrugge as a storm shelter. He examined a series of models showing different trawling techniques, and studied pictures about fishing in the area. He found out that he was inside a replica of the first Zeebrugge fish mine*, a two room wooden hanger built in 1924.

* As far as Mr Monkey can tell fish mine is a literal translation of vismijn and means a wholesale fish market rather than a hole in the ground full of fish.

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