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Mr Monkey visits Seafront Zeebrugge, 17th September

"Eight people won Victoria Crosses on that raid, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at a wallmap of the Zeebrugge  raid Mr Monkey looking at photographs of the Zeebrugge raid

During the Great War, Zeebrugge was used as a submarine base by the German Navy. On the April 23rd 1918 the Royal Navy launched a raid intended to block the Bruges canal by deliberately sinking several unwanted Royal Navy ships at its mouth. If it had been a total success, German submarines and destroyers wouldn't have been able to go to sea again. Mr Monkey examined a large map showing the action, which included attempting to land troops from a pair of Mersey ferries and an obsolete warship, HMS Vindictive, then watched a short archive film from the Imperial War Museum, and studied photographs showing the raid.

You can read about the Zeebrugge raid at the Albert McKenzie V.C. website and read the British Admiralty report and the German Admiralty report at the First World website.

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