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Mr Monkey in Ostende, 18th September

"They've got quite a lot of bridges in this part of town"

Mr Monkey looking at the Graaf de Smet de Naeyerlaan bridge Mr Monkey on the bridge over the Vlotdok lock

Mr Monkey scurried up onto the bridge at the end of Graaf de Smet de Naeyerlaan, admiring the decoration on the pillars. Oddly, a lot of the bridge has been turned into a car park. Mr Monkey scurried between the cars, crossed a road and came to the bridge over the entrance to the Vlotdok. He had to be wary because quite a lot of trams use the bridge. Mr Monkey was intrigued by the large heaps of gravel at the other end of the bridge, which were being moved around Ostende in large trucks.

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