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Mr Monkey in Ostende, 15th - 18th September

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Miss Carol was having another birthday, and thought she'd like to spend some time beside the sea. So Mr Monkey quickly organised a flight, a train ride, and a hotel and set off to the coast of Flanders.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's visit to Ostende.

Travelling to Ostende On the seafront Hergé on the Sea 1 Hergé on the Sea 2 On the beach Ostende Siege Walk (12 pages) In the lobby of the Thermae Palace Hotel room Sea view and terrace Eating out at night Thermae Palace at night In front of the Thermae Palace Japanese Garden (8 pages) Kurshall and fountain Fort Napoleon (15 pages) Bunkers in the dunes Looking at the sea Radio tower and Lange Nell lighthouse In the docks On the ferry 1 On the ferry 2 Saturday evening Train to Bruges Bruges (28 pages) Ostende at night Pier and promenade at night Morning beach and Zeebrugge Sea Front, Zeebrugge (29 pages) Monday evening, Ostende Morning beach view Ostende tram depot Graaf de Smet de Naeyerlaan bridge Vindictive monument Docks and lorries Faro tavern Lowering bridge Brussels airport

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