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Mr Monkey at the National Railway Museum, 26th February

"It's a cheerful enough colour"

Mr Monkey looking at a replica of Stephenson's Rocket Mr Monkey looking at a replica Liverpool and Manchester passenger carriage

The first exhibit Mr Monkey studied in the Great Hall was a replica of Stephenson's Rocket. The original won the Rainhill Trials with a speed of 29 mph. One side of the replica has been sectioned so you can see the workings of the locomotive. Mr Monkey did wonder that they'd named one of the replica carriages Huskisson given that the ceremonial opening of the Liverpool and Manchester had been rather spoilt by the Liverpool MP William Huskisson being run over and killed by the Rocket.

You can read about the Rocket at the Science Museum Collection website, play an animation showing how the Rocket worked at the BBC website, and read an account of Huskisson's death at the Old Mersey Times website.

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