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Mr Monkey at the National Railway Museum, 26th February

"It looks like it would go quite fast, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the front of the Mallard Mr Monkey looking into the cab of the Mallard

Next Mr Monkey went to look at the Mallard, an L.N.E.R. A4 Pacific designed by Sir Nigel Gresley. Mr Monkey admired the streamlining, inspired by a Bugatti rail-car. On July 3rd 1938 the Mallard recorded a top speed of 125 mph which made it officially the fastest steam locomotive in the world. It's possible that some American trains went faster, but illegally, so they couldn't claim the record and therefore don't count.

In March 2010 Mr Monkey saw another A4 Pacific, 60019 Bittern arriving at Manchester Piccadilly.

You can read about the A4 at the London and North Eastern Railway Encyclopedia website.

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