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Mr Monkey in London, 16th May

"It's quite a narrow main gate"

Mr Monkey looking at Leo Stevenson's Hibbert Gate Mr Monkey looking at the statue of Robert Milligan

Mr Monkey scurried through Docklands until he found the Hibbert Gate. This is a replica of the original main gate of the West India Docks, with a model of the West Indiaman Hibbert on top, made by Leo Stevenson. A little further on Mr Monkey inspected a statue of Robert Milligan, who headed the consortium who had the West India Docks built to stop people stealing things from their ships. The statue was put here in 1813, moved to the main gate in 1875, hidden in 1943 and re-erected in its original place in 1997. Mr Monkey looked at the panel on the plinth which shows the world bringing things to Britannia, and ran around the statue to get to the Museum in Docklands.

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