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Mr Monkey at the Museum in Docklands

"I'm hoping to learn about the history of London's docks here"

Mr Monkey had come to Docklands to visit the Museum in Docklands, and he'd arrived at the warehouse that the museum was in. It seemed sensible to go inside, so he did.

Follow the links on the images below to see Mr Monkey's visit to the Museum in Docklands.

Museum tugs Arriving Level 3 - Thames highway Level 3 - London Bridge Level 3 - Trade expansion and London, Sugar and Slavery Level 2 - City and River Level 2 - Sailortown Level 2 - First Port of Empire Level 2 - Warehouse of the World Level 2 - Docklands at War 1 Level 2 - Docklands at War 2 Level 2 - New Port, New City

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