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Mr Monkey visits the Museum in Docklands, 16th May

"This looks like it's going to be good"

Mr Monkey outside the Museum in Docklands Mr Monkey looking at a map of the Port of London

Mr Monkey scampered into the museum, which lives inside No. 1 Warehouse in the West India Docks. There were nine of these warehouses, which stored coffee, sugar and rum, but Nos. 3 to 9 were destroyed in the Blitz. After buying his ticket he took the lift up to Level 3, which is where the permament exhibition begins. The first thing he saw was a large map showing the extent of the domain of the Port of London Authority, all the down the Thames from Tower Bridge and several miles out to sea.

You can read about the museum at the Museum in Docklands website and about the PLA at the Port of London Authority website.

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