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Mr Monkey in the footsteps of Jane Austen, 3rd June

"It's very gravelly, and you can walk along it"

Mr Monkey across the road from the Jane Austen Centre Mr Monkey on the Gravel Walk

Mr Monkey scampered up Gay Street. On the other side of the road he spotted the Jane Austen Centre, which is similar to a house on the same street that Austen lived in for a short time. He scurried across the street to meet Jane Austen, but she turned out not to be a real person at all. Then he scurried along to the Gravel Walk. Mr Monkey suspected that the tarmac strip hadn't been there when the walk was named. The Gravel Walk was a very popular place for Jane Austen characters and other fashionable people in Bath to walk.

You can read about the centre at the Jane Austen Centre website.

Mr Monkey spotted one of King Bladud's pigs on Gay Street.

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