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Mr Monkey in Prague, 9th June

"It's a slightly confusing name, really"

Mr Monkey looking at the Old-New Synagogue Mr Monkey looking at the Ceremonial Hall

Next to the Jewish town Hall Mr Monkey looked at the Old-New Synagogue. The oldest synagogue in Europe, it was called the New Synagogue when it was built at the beginning of the 13th century, had the Old- added when another a newer synagogue was built, and kept it even after the new synagogue was demolished. The golem created by Rabbi Loew is supposedly lying deactivated in the attic of the synagogue. Mr Monkey went along to the Obřadni siň (Ceremonial Hall). He wanted to buy tickets to visit the Jewish museum and the synagogues, but they were all closed for religious reasons so he had to just look at the outsides.

You can read about golems at the Temple Emanu-El website.

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