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Mr Monkey in Prague, 9th June

"Monkeys should stick to eating bananas, you know"

Mr Monkey looking through a gate into the Old Jewish Cemetery Mr Monkey looking at the Pinkas Synagogue

Mr Monkey couldn't get into the Old Jewish Cemetery, what with it being shut, but he could peer in through a grate in one of the gates. For 300 years this was the only place in Prague where Jews could be buried, and in places the burials are 12 deep. Beside the cemetery Mr Monkey looked at the Pinkasova synagóga (Pinksa Synagogue), the second oldest synagogue in Prague. There's a legend that Rabbi Pinkas got the money to build the synagogue when anti-semites threw a dead monkey, which had died from eating its master's gold, through his window.

You can read about the synagogues of Prague at the Jewish Museum in Prague website.

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